Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fly::: Sweet Bird Artist Trading Block Assemblage

Okay, so my artsy friend came over the other day and we both sat around chatting & making ATC blocks::: She made a fabulous funky block that so reminds me of New Orleans::: I, of course, with my bird obsession, created a FLY assemblage:::
First things first:: I cut all my wood blocks on the scroll saw:: then I covered them with lots of yummy papers & paints:::
I started my mini art with heavy cold-press watercolor paper:: sketched a very quick bird, and watercolored him: isn't he just adorable?
Then I added the "fun" stuff:: collage elements, and finally added some "legs" to my base piece. I think I am ADDICTED!~
This SOLD the first day I listed it:: how amazing was that???? That really made my entire MONTH:: It's really a grand feeling to know your art touched someone so much, they wanted to have it in their life::

I needed this inspirational piece::: sometimes we all need to remember our wings:::

Lots of Artsy Love,

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wandering Star:: Stardust & Vangogh, and Positive Energy:::

Happy Saturday morning, lovelies!!! I hope each of you are enjoying a beautiful day:: full of wonder, peace, and traveling with an accepting heart:: rise to meet the day or night;: it's going to be beautiful!!

Wandering Star by K Petruzzi
Acrylics, Watercolor, Inks, Happiness

I was listening to Osho this morning, and he mentioned Vincent Van Gogh (who sits so close to my creative heart)::: it's interesting how there are so many so called "coincidences" in life:::
I've had many of these this week: feeling eccentric & often "left out" of the social circles, my husband making a reference to this painting as having a "starry night" vibe, Osho mentioning Vincent van Gogh this am during my daily morning meditation, and the list goes on:

"What am I in most people's eyes? A nonentity or an eccentric and disagreeable man... I should want my work to show what is in the heart of such an eccentric, of such a nobody." -Van Gogh

Who cares about fitting in anyways? Enter big smile here:: So when people come to me, as they often do, when they NEED something creative, they often say, "how did you get so creative". Why bother with an insightful answer? I simply reply with a big grin, "I ate paste as a child".
 I am rarely appreciated or recognized for anything other than a "quick remembering" when one needs "creative help" and I am just as quickly forgotten as I am remembered. I am accustomed to it, and rarely even think about it::: it's good to be invisible::: heehee

 "Accurate drawing, accurate colour, is perhaps not the essential thing to aim at, because the reflection of reality in a mirror, if it could be caught, colour and all, would not be a picture at all, no more than a photograph." (Vincent van Gogh)

This morning I heard it in Osho's dharma talk:: he said, rarely do "eccentrics" or gifted people get appreciated. He explained that the world is still "JUDGING" or critiquing by "old standards". Old standards that are "accepted", the normal, the typical. So anyone whimsical, different, is just dismissed pretty quickly. The difference is not appreciated, because it is ahead of it's time, or out of the time space continuum for accepted success in this time period. Kind of like judging a whimsical piece of art to a photograph:: it doesn't "pass the popular judgements our typical mind makes:: where as a very realistic piece of artwork would. This is why Van Gogh was extremely "invisible" and unappreciated in his time period: his trees were LARGE and his stars were small:: they were not accepted "realistic" copies of nature. He was his own person and he painted what his soul saw::

"To express hope by some star, the eagerness of a soul by a sunset radiance. Certainly there is nothing in that of stereoscopic realism, but is it not something that actually exists?" (Vincent van Gogh)

Often Van Gogh was ridiculed by this: he knew and responded that he didn't paint things as the world saw them, but as he "saw and felt them". He once was asked about his "black sun (charcoal) and responded that the sun in this world is black compared to the sun inside:: wow.  GO Vincent::

"Now when one blind man leads another blind man, don't they both fall into the ditch?" (Vincent van Gogh)

At any rate, there is more if you go inward, when you become in this world, but "not of this world". Things outside start to look "different" than when your were blind-folded and saw only as a photographer:: what is reflected right back to you. It is a good place to be, a very misunderstood and unappreciated place to be. But as my husband says, "who cares?" Who cares if those who don't see your soul appreciate or includes you". How can a fish appreciate a nest in the tree?

So carry on Wandering Star...not all who wander are lost...many times they are truly found:: truly at peace with the world:: inside and out.

If you are interested in a Giclee or Art Card of Wandering Star, please visit my Etsy store here.

Love & Light,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

If You Want To Fly.....Quick Tutorial: Pretty Lady with Nesting Bird

"Bird Nest in Her Hair & Song in Her Heart" Copyright 2015
K Petruzzi of Happy Lark Art Studio
Acrylics, Watercolor, Ink

"If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down". I love birds, and bird nests....I also really love being in the state of happiness:::
I painted this sweet little lady as a reflection of my happiness and my minor obsession with bird nests:: (heehee)
I also wanted to post each layer or step of my artwork this time: some of you have asked do I draw first, or just paint? Many times I doodle. If I like the doodle, or it strikes my fancy, then I may paint it. This painting is done with watercolors and acrylics. I find that I do better with the mixture. 
Watercolors had bad juju from me: I thought NO way am I using those nasty things (too many watercolor failures maybe as a child:: I couldn't stand the colors getting all grubby from sharing these with other students:: grin)...but then as an adult, I bought REAL watercolors after taking a class from a friend. I didn't even LIKE watercolors: I didn't want to give them a chance: yet, they liked me...they work for me. Who knew? 
Layer 1: Rough Draft Doodle
Begin with an HB pencil, Watercolor paper. Draw a round face, and oval eyes. Remember in the middle should be room for another eye:: if you need, draw one "invisible" eye in the middle of the forehead, and then draw the other eyes on each side:: erase the middle eye. Your eyes are 1/4 down the face (hairline is the upper 1/4). Then go down halfway of the face:: this is where your nose rests. I always draw a circle, and then add small nostrils on each side. I keep it simple. On the last quarter, is your mouth. I like drawing a whimsical mouth: two ovals, and then square it off. Then draw your neck and hair as desired. I like wilder and more hair the better!!!!

Layer 2: Underpainting
This is where I rough in my darker tones, knock out my highlights, and pop in my pink shades. Don't worry too much about this as you will paint over it again.

Layer 3: 
Layer 3: Lighten Up and Block more In
This is where I use my gesso to "smooth" the layers out to a nicer flesh tone. I also lay down the basecoat for eyes, hair, and other details like the egg. I usually LOVE this layer and wish I could just finish here. Seriously, why shouldn't I? I don't know why but I always like this layer better than the finished!

Layer 4: Even It Out
This is where I pull all my tones, shadows, and highlights together on the face, and then block in more color (shading on eggs, leaves, and bird). I also add tonal shadows to the hair at this point.

Layer 5: Details
This is where I add my highlights to the hair, the bird, ink splotches to my eggs, and finally make myself finish and leave it alone.

If you would like to see an actual video tutorial, leave mea  comment and let me know.

I know that happiness can't always be. There will be times sad events occur, pain occurs, and unpleasant thoughts. However, I realized I can increase my joy by accepting things I can't change, and just giving up the things that weigh me down. For one is expectation::: if I don't expect others to act or say anything in particular, I will not be disappointed::
So what do you think? What will you release today? What heavy weight will you let go??

Lots of Artsy Love,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Joy:: How to Achieve Daily Joy

Good morning my sweet creative friends:::: I hope your day is as amazing as you are!!

"Don't expect anything...Then life will be Pure JOY" by K Petruzzil
Mixed Medium: Watercolors, Acrylics, Collage

 I love hearing from you:: some of you have mentioned you don't feel like an "artist". You don't "do" art, you don't "do" music:: you are ART....you are music.... Art is a creative way of living...it is making, creating, thinking creatively, daily. If you do anything with a creative heart, then I feel you are ART...an artist.
Now that we have that out of the way (wink wink):::
I want to talk about JOY. What is joy? It is the ability to be joyful regardless of the moment or circumstance. Tall order:: if we look at it in the regular realm of every day life: try to be happy no matter what kind of day I'm having, or what's been thrown at me? No, not happy::: but joyful.
I think I heard it best from a great spiritual teacher who said, "Don't have any expectations, and your life will be pure Joy". What does that mean? To me, it means stop asking, stop expecting:: many times we expect others to be kind, to appreciate it, to compliment us, to thank us. to show us appreciation, courtesy, to aid, to be basically a good person. Am I saying lower your moral standards? Absolutely not. Just don't expect anything at all. Tough but it's something I'm trying every day and it's a conscious effort. I have to say,  I'm definitely more joyful.
You see expectations bring about disappointment, frustration, and disenchantment. If you depend on anyone else for your joy, then you will be disappointment, frustrated and disenchanted many many times.
Think of a bride:: she has so much expectations of a perfect fairy tale love and life, a beautiful "perfect" wedding day, and so on. Can she help but to be disappointed in the days and years to come? Only if she buys in to the "knight in shining armor". I believe there is NO knight in shining armor outside of yourself and God. To put your trust in anyone else is foolish:: you will be saddened, disappointed, and depressed if you EXPECT or demand.
Let us try to not expect, ask, or demand. Let us try to have no expectations:: if beautiful wonderful things happen, wonderful! If rotten crummy things happen, then it is outside of us. We can *try* to be joyful regardless of circumstance. We are but souls having a body experience in a human existence on an Earthly plane.
Our soul never dies:: our body may die, but our soul is ever lasting.

Love to you my beautiful friends:::


Monday, February 9, 2015

Hope::: Addicted

Hope by K A Petruzzi, Happy Lark Art Studio
Golden Fluid Acrylics, Inks, Contes, Grunge Pdr

Happy Monday night my fellow artsy souls::: hope you haven't lost your Artsy Mojo this week::: isn't it lovely when we are holding a "mojo hand"? lol! You know that moment that your art isn't bossing you around, but you're bossing it around? haha::; the aha! finally moment! That's the moment I hit with this painting. It's been sitting around for days on my easel: finally I got it:: with a little help from my friends::::
I have a very dear friend who is going thru a tough time:: we've all been there:: you know when you are just addicted and can't break away from someone or something:: even though you suspect it isn't good for you? You just can't stop coming back to the person or thing:: you're addicted. I was there for 9 years:: addicted to a very bad relationship, because it was all I knew:: and I accepted it. I accepted that poor substitute:: because any fix was better than no fix, right? Total addict! Now I'm addicted to sugar and art supplies::: sigh *addict* but I've planted the seed, and I am going to shake the sugar habit:: not the art though *that's healing therapy my friends** lol
Do you remember that song by Dan Seals...addicted? I just thought of it tonight:: nice little listen....

Here's the beautiful news though my brave beautiful one::: once we realize we are addicted, we can break the habit::: no it's not easy for sure...and maybe we can't give up just yet::: but the seed has been planted:: the vibration has been sent out to the universe::: our soul wants to be free:: it is HOPING....it is waiting for the moment you give it permission::: so it waits:: while the seed grows::
Then one day, the seed breaks thru the mud *the yuck* and a beautiful LOTUS blossoms.... breaking thru the mud of the addiction, and the beautiful lotus blooms and reaches way to the beautiful sky:::
Here's the thing:: did you know the lotus initially needs the mud? Here's the other amazing thing:: it transcends it's muddy beginnings::::
Love to each and everyone of you::: let the lotus bloom:: it's worth it:: YOU are worth it:::

Lots of Love and Light to you my Artsy Soul Sister & Friend,