Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thank God for Adversity!!!

Seriously....how would God polish our soul if it was happy and joyous all the time? I have decided it's okay to have a "crappy" day::: that it just means I'm still here:: I'm still learning::: I'm still in the game of living::: however, it's my reaction to it, that really TELLS me something::: and tells me how far along the path I am:::
sending every single one of you LOVE and LIGHT this wonderful day.....

How will you react? Will you allow your soul to be polished???


Monday, December 15, 2014

Last of K Andrew Design Stamps

Hello all my super crafty friends! I am SO excited to announce that YES I am re-joining the crafty world!!! I am in the middle of remodeling a very old building to become my art studio this spring! I will be teaching some artsy/crafty classes and offering unique art supplies::: my new studio is The Happy Lark Art Studio:: if you want to join me over there, it's www.happylarkartstudio.com and you can click on the Blog::
Anyways! I digress::: I was cleaning this weekend and ran across a basket full of K Andrew Design clear stamp sets
If you are interested in picking up any of these (I don't have many) but you can see the list here at www.happylarkartstudio.com and then click on Shop. You can't purchase them there, as my site is still being created/revised. However, you can SEE the stamps, write your list out, and then email me. I will send you the total (including priority flat rate shipping) and you can paypal me! The stamps are all at MY COST! $6.00 for small sets and some large sets, and $8.00 for large sets, with $6.00 priority rate flat shipping::

Thanks for loving my stamps:: they enjoyed years of a good run! I still love when you tag me on Facebook and I get to see the creations you have made with my stamps. I am considering making new ones:: if I can make unique enough stamps and make them at a great price:: we will see how that goes in the future.

For now, thank you for your support, and I hope to be making crafty videos again in the future.

Kristal Petruzzi, formerly K Andrew designs

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Andy Warhol Soup Cans

So the students have been learning about Andy Warhol, and I had to be out this past Monday--so the students had the assignment to finish the project.... "create their own soup can".
Finished Warhol Soup Cans on Display

I thought I would share a few photos and then the Who Is Andy Warhol display as it is coming along.
I'll be sad when this month comes to an end, because I LOVE Andy Warhol--even though I will continue to visit him. Andy Warhol inspires me because he was so unique, and if he could make it--we all can.
Love this bold graphic style

This student LOVES anything Anime or cute! Isn't it adorable?

Love this! Isn't this amazing????

Loved! This reminds me of Jerry Garcia!! 

This student's Zombie soup cracked me up! He even has the microwave in the background! hahah! LOVE

Lots of Artsy Book Love,
Ms. BooksmART

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Artist Tiles on

Okay so I absolutely LOVE art history--and I started an Artist of the Month program at our school. This month is Andy Warhol (eeek! I love Andy)....
So I started drawing super fast caricatures on cheap porcelain tiles to have a visual reminder for the kids when we learn about an Artist.
Here's my first one for Andy Warhol--GOSH I love Andy!

Andy Warhol

Next, I sketched a quick one for our Visiting Artist Dr. Peggy--she's so full of life and sass--I love that lady!

Dr. Peggy

The most current tile was one I sketched from our most recent Visiting Artist: Nicole Weaver. MAN I absolutely HEART this lady too--and all her tattoos! 

Nicole Weaver

Okay that's it for the tiles until we start another artist--wonder who that will be next month? 

Lots of Library Artsy Love,
Madame BooksmART

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Art Education is the REAL Anti-Drug Program

Hello fellow art & book lovers! I've been crazy busy processing lots and lots of new books that I won with a grant last year! I've also been busy helping the kids work on the Ezra Jack Keats "Snowy Day" panel. Check tomorrow's post about that! You know how much I HEART Ezra Jack!!!

So we had a teacher's workday Monday--among the lots and lots of paperwork, I had a chance to prime our library doors (they had only been painted in about 60 coats of Navy Blue--lol) and then I had a chance to paint a quick Quote from Fred Babb (God rest his beautiful soul) about Art Education which I totally believe...which is why I continue to work in public education--I really believe there are many kids who learn differently--who see the world differently--and if it wasn't for tapping into that part of themself--would end up leaving traditional school period. ART is healing~!
So it's hard to see a bit in a photograph, but the quote is beautiful upon finger-painted blobs! It's also a great attention getter. I've noticed a beautiful painting, most people just walk right past--but something that's wild and shocking to their visual intake, will make them STOP and try to figure it out. That is the purpose of these doors--to make people STOP and read this quote, which I hope will make them re-think Arts in Education.

Arts in Education: The REAL Anti-Drug program

"Art and Music are the drugs of choice for millions of kids. If we expect them to just say no to a chemical high, we must recognize the healing alternative of their own creativity.
Support the real anti-drug program:
Arts in Education"
Fred Babb

Lots of Love,
Madame BooksmART