Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Altered Dolls & Getting Your MOJO back

Seriously, I can't stick with one artistic endeavor:: can you???
So I was visiting a friend, and she had lost her "mojo"...Lord don't we all? So we headed up to the art district and went into a fun gallery:: we forgot about inspiration and bought all kinds of stuff:: heehee but it did put us in the creative mood:::
Then we went to the junk stores all around her area:: boy was that FUN!
So between mojo and junk, here's what I made a bunch of funky "ugly" dolls that definitely got my MOJO going again, and isn't that what it's really all about???
BIG MAJOR plus: my oldest son, 15, is freaked out with Mojo Mama:: she even snuck up behind him and tapped him with her wing:: he shot STRAIGHT thru the roof:: priceless:::
Bird in Her Hair & Love in Her Heart by K Petruzzi 
Materials: Box, Wire, Clay, Paint, Found objects

Mojo Mama by K Petruzzi
Wood scraps, paintbrush, cardboard, burlap, paint, ribbon, buttons, wire

Make Your Soul Happy by K Petruzzi
Wood, Clay, Beads, Trim, Metal Rods, Woodburning Tool

Lots of Happy Love,

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mermaid Loving!!!

Oh my goodness! This is my Spring Break vacation as a teacher, and boy the first thing I did was come home and veg! Today I'm just RELAXING and hanging around:: I need a day or two of recovery then Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the Good Times Roll!)....
Here are a few works in progress::
Inner Mermaid by K Petruzzi (WIP) watercolor, acrylic (She just needs her background and finishing details)

Sun Mural over the Garage (This one is still a long way from completion:: but I work on it in the afternoons here and there) Still need to finish the rays and details of course

Mermaid Sign: WIP just started this one: Just need to finish it up and add the girly pink ribbon hanger:::

Okay check back in a few days for progress::::: the natives are restless:: looks like I may be dragged away from my beautiful sunny haven of home to goofy golf or the like

Lots of Mermaid Wishes & Love,

Monday, March 16, 2015

Put a Little Love in Your Heart & a Big Sunshine on Your House

Hahah, gotcha!!! Seriously though I LOVE making my home my beautiful place of creative heaven!!! If I'm going to make anything, it's going to be something that makes my heart sing and my soul just glow::: something for my "safe haven:: my creative nest:: my home"
So I decided I just absolutely NEEDED a giant sun over the garage doors, on the front of my home. I needed a big happy sun each day to welcome me home, and each morning to send me off into the world.

So I set up a scaffold, and got to work! My first step was basecoating a big yellow sun and her sweet arm/ray right over the garage door. Then it rained and rained:: don't you just love delays? heehe:: guess Ms. Ray of Sunshine showed me:: every cloud has it's silver lining:: so yah...I rested! (NOT)

Then this past weekend, Sunday, I was able to start and work on the welcoming ray of an arm (it says welcome gentle soul:: peace and love abound here)...I love dots/bubbles:: so I got to work::: Let me just say my house is OLD:: way older than an antique! So the concrete is very old and bumpy:: I can't get anything on this surface even:: it's a hot mess, but hey what woman doesn't love a challenge???? Today I meandered home from work, and set up to finish the welcome arm, and had the chance to rough in a face (yah it's not perfect, but when you are working on a GIANT face, and you're one foot from it, kind of hard to get a perspective, without climbing down, putting on your shoes, and getting way back to the road)::; so I just winged it!
That's all the progress for now (I only have patience for 1-2 hours at a time as my children run in and out rinsing brushes/water for me, and they tire pretty quickly:: heeeheee, little midgets:: adorable loving little men midgets:: what's better, I ask you????
I will post more soon, when I get the opportunity to work on it....
Have you painted anything at your safe haven lately? If so, please share:::

Love to you,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unbroken: She Picked Up the Pieces Assemblage Collage

Unbroken by K Petruzzi of Happy Lark Art Studio
Wooden Assemblage with Original Art
Materials: Wood, Paper, Watercolor, Acrylic

Hello my strong friends::: I turned 40 this month; and boy has it been a journey.

I remember when I was 18 years old, I read Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, and it touched something deep inside me. I was never the same. I too began to tread the life of a woman:: and boy has it been a journey! This is still my favorite book of all time:: I have lived Janie's life myself, and I am stronger for it.

"Now, women forget all those things they don’t want to remember and remember everything they don’t want to forget. The dream is the truth. Then they act and do things accordingly."

I absolutely LOVE creating assemblages/sculptures:: I love assemblages because it's like a sculpture and collage all in one::: Assemblages touch something DEEP inside of me too:: it's like all of the pieces of me:: then each experience, each moment, comes together to create a whole. I'm not sure but I've always loved collage, and assemblage to me is something that "sets my heart free".

I had such a fun time watercoloring the precious little girl holding a spirit bird:: I was inspired by Birds of a Feather challenge to incorporate a spirit bird into my artwork (which wasn't hard for me, for those who know me can attest, I LOVE birds...they are my essence in spirit)...Then I also saw Simon Says Stamp (isn't that a cute name? lol) for B is for...hello what else could B stand for besides BIRDS, birds, and more birds!!!!

The quote (center block) reads....

"SHE picked up the pieces of her life and CREATED something beautiful.
From that day forth she soared like a BIRD and changed the definition of broken."

To me this really speaks of a woman's life. Women are so strong:: defined by our resilient spirit that takes difficult challenges and turns them into a growth opportunity....we take many hard roads, knocks, turns, bends, and instead of letting them tumble us, we tumbled ourselves into something more strong, more beautiful, and infinitely more wise.

As a woman, I know many, if not all, of us have been hurt and disappointed by our loves/mates at some point:: I know there has been points where our dream of love has been shattered:: some of us to the point of breaking:::

"Janie stood where he left her for unmeasured time and thought. She stood there until something fell off the shelf inside her. Then she went inside there to see what it was. It was her image of Jody tumbled down and shattered. But looking at it she saw that it never was the flesh and blood figure of her dreams. Just some thing she had grabbed up to drape her dreams over. In a way she turned her back upon the image where it lay and looked further. She had no more blossomy openings dusting pollen over her man, neither any glistening young fruit where the petals used to be."

Then we "toughen" up:: we wise up:: we try again:: some of us in the same marriage or with the same person, and some of us with new "others"

“Love is like the sea. It's a moving thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it's different with every shore.” 

Some of us are blessed enough to have a second chance upon a beautiful new shore that is just perfect wind for our sails:::

NO matter how we proceed thru life, we have to do it ourselves. There is no one who can live, love, and hurt for us. We must live this life ourselves, grow, try, rebirth, and endure.

“Two things everybody's got tuh do for themselves. They got to go to God, and they got to find out about livin' for themselves.” 

Let your Spirit Soar:::::Free as a Bird,

Kristal of Happy Lark Art Studio

Challenges Entered:
The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge: Birds of a Feather
Simon Says Monday Challenge: B is for.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fly::: Sweet Bird Artist Trading Block Assemblage

Okay, so my artsy friend came over the other day and we both sat around chatting & making ATC blocks::: She made a fabulous funky block that so reminds me of New Orleans::: I, of course, with my bird obsession, created a FLY assemblage:::
First things first:: I cut all my wood blocks on the scroll saw:: then I covered them with lots of yummy papers & paints:::
I started my mini art with heavy cold-press watercolor paper:: sketched a very quick bird, and watercolored him: isn't he just adorable?
Then I added the "fun" stuff:: collage elements, and finally added some "legs" to my base piece. I think I am ADDICTED!~
This SOLD the first day I listed it:: how amazing was that???? That really made my entire MONTH:: It's really a grand feeling to know your art touched someone so much, they wanted to have it in their life::

I needed this inspirational piece::: sometimes we all need to remember our wings:::

Lots of Artsy Love,