Friday, January 23, 2015

Hope is Found in the Heart:::::

Hope by K.A. Petruzzi

This is a very "fast" painting made in under an hour...letting no paint dry in between using quick paint strokes. I love to paint fast at times:: so fast I'm not thinking, second-guessing myself, pausing to consider form, shadows, values, or anything else....just painting:: painting my feelings, painting my emotions, painting my intuitive responses:: sometimes hope comes from deep inside:: deep down from the inside that is in the present moment:: away from the "mind" or ego that always is racing, thinking, planning, reflecting, deciding::: sometimes it's nice to escape from that::
I think the times I'm happiest is when I'm deep down inside that place: the place where hope, love, and peace resonate without any disruption from the worries of the mind:: worries or thoughts about the day, what was said, who was bothered, blah, blah, blah::::
If I go to that place:: the quiet place that hope dwells:: I'm reminded of my childhood...of days spent in the woods, raking leaves into "rooms" for my home, drawing pictures in the dirt with a mossy stick, wandering from tree to bush, without a care in the world:: safe, happy, with no outer thoughts of the dangerous world or thoughts of others and their thoughts about me. Just happy...being:::
What about you? Where are you happiest? Where does your hope lie? Where does your heart go to when you stop thinking about the life outside?
Quick paint...try it:: if you can't, close your eyes:: and just pretend the mind stops:: time slows down, and you go deep down where that hope and innocence resides:: waiting for you:::

Lots of Artsy Love,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Free to Fly::: Wire Sculpted Bird

Hello my lovelies::: I am so happy to be blogging this AM (yes it's 8 minutes before noon:: so it still counts as a lovely beautiful morning with coffee in hand). I feel every time I sit down to blog, I am speaking with old friends (the best kind: the kind that understand, who listen, nod in agreement, and all of this happens over smiles and coffee or tea).
As I sit here blogging, my beautiful husband and son are headed to the studio where they are building a closet for the air handler (yes I am finally going to get Central Heat and Air in the studio)...they are also assembling two more shelves for my store room. They reminded me to quickly get up there so I can begin putting away my inventory. They were so kind yesterday to hang all my large canvases that I ordered on a hanging shelf at the top of the ceiling:::
So I have two pet chickens who are such sweet lovelies and dear birdies:: their names are Oatsy and Creamy and are about 6 months old: I love them dearly! Why Oatsy is such a precious girl, she gave me a precious gift yesterday: her first egg! I heard this cackling song: I hurried outside worried about what could be bothering my sweet little hen, and she was dancing around her egg!!! I have no idea where Creamy is laying her eggs:: Creamy is the witty one: the smart little chick who has caught the attention of the tiny bantam rooster down the street (*now that is another story for another day*) heehe
Oatsy is the reddish bird on the left, and Creamy is the bird on the right

So I was outside yesterday visiting with my chickens, and saw a small bundle of chicken wire we had obviously just discarded to the side after working on the coop this past summer. I picked it up and took it inside and just began sculpting with it while talking to my oldest son, Jasper. In just a few minutes, I had established a bird form, and then my son Jasper, formed the legs for me to put on the base. 
Bird sculpted (Shown looking from top)

Then I began creating a small base for it to support the weight of the chicken wire: this was most fun, as I had a few old pieces of printed children's blocks. This one had an odd cartoon bunny on it, and I absolutely LOVE my chalk paint because I didn't have to sand it, or prime it or anything:: just started painting, and voila!
Here Jasper has captured me finishing the last bit of paint on the base of the sculpture. Just wait till you see how I finish it! (That is another story for another day, but soon).

So what do you think? I have never sculpted a bird, but how fitting is?  This is my own original design and idea (aren't those just the best? Because they just happen without any inspiration or forethought:: they just come into life)
I absolutely LOVE birds:: I believe they must be my Totem:: because for all of my life I have been attracted to birds::: and how appropriate to create them with chicken wire! 

What do you think about this project? You will have to come back and see how I finish it::

Lots of Artsy Love,

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Use Your Intuition: Watery Dreams & Reflections

Along this wonderful journey of re-inventing myself and my life in the past few years....I've been learning to really listen to the little intuitive voice inside me. The one that gently nudges me, or pulls on my mind...the one that whispers yes or no when I'm about to act or speak. So many times, I just pushed that little "nagging" thought right out of my range, and went right on with what my mind or heart was loudly speaking. Well I have realized that little "voice" is my intuition and it is ALWAYS right, and ALWAYS in my best interest.
Here's the other funny thing! When I listen to it, I can hear it louder the next time, and more often. So these days, I'm stopping and listening to it more and more often. It definitely feels odd:: It's different not just going with my heart, running ahead, ignoring that wise thoughtful voice. It's often strange:: how in the world did I know something so personal or insightful my friends will ask?
This is also how I paint, draw, and create....intuitively. I just paint and many times I have no idea where the painting (always mixed media--layer upon layer) is going. I don't worry about that anymore. I simply paint, STOP (this was always the hardest for me before I learned to "listen"), turn the painting, let it dry, and begin again.
I usually have a few repeating symbols I place in my paintings; can you find them?
Watery Dreams & Reflections by Kristal A Petruzzi
Materials: XLG canvas, Golden fluids, inks, various papers,
 paste, mesh, skins, stabilo pencils

Lots of Artsy Love,

Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's Get Fancy!

HOWDY my super amazing awesome bloggie reader friends! I am feeling so happy I could burst thru the roof:: eeeeek! I'm not sure how that is even possible, but that's how I'm feeling. Today is teacher work day so I was able to sleep in about 30 minutes, and wow! That felt like the most golden moments ever:::::: then I listened to Tony Samara's winter satsang #4 and that just set the tone for the day: peace, beauty, and true golden inner love.

I work as a visual arts & media teacher at a local elementary school: essentially I work the library, teach visual arts, and broadcasting. Shh....don't breathe a word, ok? I'm going to let you in a BIG and I mean SUPER DE DUPER BIG secret::::: *bolt the doors* and lean in realllllly close::: my favorite part of the non-kid portion of the library job is...... making displays. I think it's my artistic side that gets to come out, and the critics are *always* happy. These kids love my displays and they have no ego: they just tell me how it is! It's amazing!
Well I ordered a TON of new Fancy Nancy books and my sister was tossing out some lemonade box pieces::: so here is what I created with the used box pieces, tissue paper, and more paper! Isn't this Fancy Nancy book display the cutest????????

Needless to say the Fancy Nancy books have been flying off the stacks!!! The girls in my broadcasting group LOVED the display so much they did a short clip about the display for the morning show: They have the brightest and sweetest personalities::
Check out Fancy Nancy's official site for super cute books, activities, and more!

Lots of Artsy Library Love,Kristal

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Positive Affirmations:: Winners, Share-Challenge

Happy Wednesday, my sweet bloggie friends::: first off I want to announce the Winner of the Create Challenge...... #3 Melissa Sunshine Honey Bee . Congrats! You win the Amazon Gift Card:: email me and I will email your gift card::: yay!!!

Next, I want to say, I am overwhelmed and thrilled with the emails and facebook messages everyone has sent me:: it's so nice to be welcomed back to the blog world: you girls ROCK!!!

As I am writing this blog post, I am getting ready to run up to my new brick and mortar studio to meet my cousin who does sheetrocking and construction work, so hopefully he can schedule some time to come work on the remodel of Happy Lark. This is a dream come true for me:: having a real working studio. I am hoping it will be finished by March, so I can begin afternoon classes for kids & adults. I have been eagerly anticipating the day I would own my own studio, and it's getting closer and closer!!!

Here's a photo of my little shop::: notice the yellow door:: It will also have white old style casing/molding, awning, and brilliant orange shutters. I just can't wait! My husband has finally finished the electrical, so now we have lights! Did I mention, when we purchased the building it was basically a block and tin building; that's it. NO electricity, heat, air, etc. LOL! We love refurbishing and repurposing:: it's also in Historic downtown.

As you know, I am a media, broadcasting, and visual arts teacher. I essentially multi-task at a public school type setting: love the kids, but not the rest:: lol. While I have been teaching the past couple of years, my own personal artwork has suffered... I usually work on projects, grants, etc for the library or school....not myself. Lately, I am starting back into the mixed media world:: making more artwork. I am really excited about this, because it's time. It's time I begin my creative life again...for me.

Guess what? I will be exhibiting my intuitive abstract paintings with my super amazing and talented artist friend at a local university Friday for the month of January and February. Yes I am EXCITED! with along with starting back my own mixed media artwork, opening up a studio, I am hoping to start tutorials again::: it's going to be an exciting time:: a beautiful creative time. My sweet bestie, Amy, also a studio owner, but in Lousiana, has invited me to help her with her creative retreat in March (so March is going to be an exciting month!!!)

I digress::: lol:::
So with a new month, a new start, a new time for dreams, a new time for affirmations and a time for living the best creative life we can::: I painted a quick little positive guardian for me to remind me to stop, still myself, and LISTEN to the inner voice inside me... the one that says YOU can do it:::
Here she is:::
Listen by K Petruzzi
Materials: Canvas, Golden fluids, Golden Heavy bodies, Lyra Crayons, graphite

Lots of Artsy Love,